Top 10 Reasons We Entrusted Covenant With Our Child’s Education

It has been five years since my wife and I made the decision to enroll our daughter in Pre-Kindergarten at The Covenant Preparatory School in Kingwood, TX. She is now in the third grade and we are amazed at how time flies. Over the years, we have been asked what led to our decision. Although there was a multitude of reasons we considered, we have listed the top 10 that led us to choose Covenant, in no particular order.

  1. Education rooted in a biblical worldview that inspires students to become leaders of strong moral and ethical character.
  2. Focus on not only developing the student’s character but providing them with the tools to stand for their beliefs and convictions, while showing grace and humility.
  3. Emphasis on critical thinking, astute observation, and independent thinking.
  4. A comprehensive foundation of reading, language, and math at an early age.
  5. An education that develops critical thinking skills through logic and reason.
  6. Development centered on the mind, body, and spirit to form a well-rounded individual.
  7. Structured to teach students respect, self-discipline, organizational skills, and work ethic.
  8. Taught to comprehend, analyze, and apply critical thinking skills with even the most challenging subject matters.
  9. Teachers who care about each student’s success and seek to partner with parents throughout the educational journey.
  10. Well-articulated graduates who demonstrate poise and confidence beyond their years and receive the tools to become tomorrow’s thought leaders.

Several that made the list are from research and observations prior to making our decision. Others are based on individual experiences over the past five years of our daughter’s educational journey that continue to confirm we made the right decision for our family.

If we had to only give one answer as to what sets Covenant apart, it would be the teachers’ love for the students and their desire to see each student succeed. Conveyed to us prior to enrolling our daughter at Covenant, that statement remains true today.

By: Covenant Parent