Tuition & Tuition Assistance

at The Covenant Preparatory School

As a parent, you want the best for your child, which includes an education that ensures future success. 

Are you considering private Christian schools in the Northeast Houston, Texas, area because you want your child to learn the same biblical lessons in the classroom that you’re teaching at home? Or are you interested in Covenant’s classical Chrstian education model because it aligns curriculum with a child’s natural development? Whatever your reason for considering Covenant, we’re glad you’re here.

The Covenant Preparatory School recognizes that a private school education is a financial sacrifice for families and it can be especially challenging for families with multiple children. We offer tuition assistance to help eligible families offset total tuition costs; Covenant offers up to 50% in tuition assistance that does not need to be repaid. Tuition assistance is available to all families with students in kindergarten through twelfth grade. 

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  • Our classical Christian education provides a comprehensive approach while aligning course work with a child’s innate abilities and development, establishing a solid foundation for future success. 
  • Rigorous academics give students the opportunity to challenge themselves — middle grades students can take high school courses, and high school students can take AP and honors courses. 
  • Starting as early as lower school, students have access to co-curriculars and clubs that help them discover new interests, talents, and abilities, whether it’s finding out they have a knack for engineering or a desire to perform on stage. 
  • Student athletes compete in team sports, learning healthy habits, self-discipline, teamwork, and camaraderie.  
  • Christian values are imparted through weekly chapel, daily Bible study and prayer, and service opportunities that range from local to international. 

Covenant students graduate prepared for college, careers, discipleship, and service. While they’re here with us, we ensure they feel seen, known, and valued as they become critical thinkers and proficient communicators. How do we do it?

To learn more about our unique approach to Christian education, download our free Parent Info Packet and check out this short video about why so many area families choose Covenant.

Affording a Covenant Education

Families in Northeast Houston and the surrounding communities sometimes assume they can’t afford a private school because they believe they either don’t earn enough money or they earn too much to qualify for tuition assistance. 

In reality, families with low and high incomes — and all kinds of incomes in between — qualify for tuition assistance. 

Covenant’s tuition assistance helps as many families as possible afford a private classical Christian education. We know your child’s education is your biggest priority, and our tuition assistance application process provides a clear and impartial process for determining your eligibility.

Nearly 25% of Covenant students receive tuition assistance.

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Choosing The Covenant Preparatory School as our only child’s school has been the best decision for her education. My daughter is a sixth grader and has attended Covenant since Kindergarten. Her grandparents and extended family are thrilled that our daughter attends this incredible school. Covenant offers academic excellence and a safe Christian environment where students develop healthy socio-emotional skills. Prayer, community involvement, sports, and co-curricular activities are also important. Covenant offers families generous tuition assistance that makes the school accessible to many that otherwise could not afford it. We are grateful for all the opportunities available at Covenant, and we highly recommend it!

– Patrick and Ludmila Hefley, Covenant Family since 2016

How much does it cost?

As you consider Covenant, please ask us any questions you have about tuition assistance, payment plans, or whatever else comes to mind. Our admissions team is here to help you with this decision, so you can decide with confidence which learning environment is best for your child.

Tuition 2022-2023

Grade Level
Annual Tuition
Two Payments Per Year
12 Monthly Payments (June-May)
Grades 1-413,6656,832.501,138.75
Grades 5-814,6007,3001,216.67
Grades 9-1214,9007,4501,241.67

Textbooks are included in the cost of tuition.
AP textbooks are not included in the cost of tuition.

Fees not included in tuition:

  • Athletic Fees
  • School Supply Fee (PK4-Grade 4)
  • AP Textbooks (High School)
  • Annual Retreat (Grades 7-12)
  • Field Trips
  • Senior Class Trip
  • Senior Fee  (to offset graduation expenses)

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Covenant determine if a family is eligible for tuition assistance?

Covenant partners with FAST (Financial Aid for School Tuition) to provide a need based tuition assistance analysis service. FAST does not determine whether tuition assistance will be given or how much to give, and this depends on the decision of a committee. It’s important to note that faculty members are not part of this committee, and all information is kept confidential.

Is there a cap on available funds?

Covenant has a generous tuition assistance budget, but it is not unlimited. Families who need help affording tuition are encouraged to apply for assistance as soon as possible. 

Is tuition assistance available for students in all grades?

Tuition assistance is available for kindergarten through grade 12. Tuition assistance is available for PK4 students if they have an older sibling enrolling or if the student is going to take a second year  in PK4 at Covenant’s recommendation.

Could applying for tuition assistance diminish the chances of my child being accepted to Covenant?

No. Admission applications and tuition assistance applications are reviewed separately, and submitting an application for tuition assistance has no bearing on an applicant’s admissibility.  Families are encouraged to apply for admission and tuition assistance at the same time so that the tuition assistance determination may be made in a timely manner.

Do I apply for tuition assistance every year?

Yes. However, when a family is initially given tuition assistance upon enrollment, Covenant assumes the family will need tuition assistance throughout their child’s enrollment at the school. The annual application requirement is to ensure the family is receiving the amount of tuition assistance needed to continue enrollment at Covenant. 

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