The Grammar years are an exciting, new adventure as students explore the world around them. Students’ fascination for letters and numbers later transforms into a love of reading and mathematics. At this age, students are naturally gifted in memorization and are able to absorb a significant amount of information, so we provide a variety of means for them to learn. You will often hear students singing songs, learning chants, reciting poetry, and exploring God’s creation. During the Grammar stage, students are filled with wonder and awe and have started their journey to a love of learning.

The distinctives of the Grammar School are centered around Reading, Writing, History, and Mathematics. Students also explore fine arts, science, and play, which help in the development of students’ creativity. Grammar years serve as the foundation on which the Schools of Logic and Rhetoric are built. Grammar school curriculum engages and inspires to create a strong lifelong base for students.

Bible is the heart of our Grammar curriculum. Students explore the Bible, memorize Scripture, sing Bible songs, and pray with others. Scripture memorization is practiced regularly as it is essential to the development of wisdom, knowledge, and character.

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